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Cat Ouija Planchette


PDF Cross Stitch Pattern

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Did you know the plastic thingy that comes with a Ouija Board is called a, "Planchette"? Well now you do. I made a cat-themed Ouija Planchette because if you like Ouija boards you probably like cats too.

Finished Piece

  • Cross stitch
  • 14 ct Aida (28 ct Evenweave)
  • 59 stitches wide x 77 stitches high
  • 4.2 x 5.5 inches (10.7 x 14 cm)

PDF Cross Stitch Pattern

  • Beautiful, hand-designed, PDF
  • Thread color key
  • Measurements and fabric details
  • Chart with symbols
  • Elegant page breaks for print and tablet
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